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Opening our hearts to Father

As we come to know God as Father and experience his love it is important to realise how central our hearts are. God pours his love into our hearts (not our minds) and therefore we need an open heart to receive it. As our hearts are vulnerable we need to protect them as well.
Opening our hearts to Father
(49 mins - 47MB)

God has always been Father
It is important for everything we believe, and base our lives on, to be Biblically based. Without that assurance we do not have a firm foundation and it therefore becomes easy for us to be swayed by popular consensus. This talk paints a big Biblical picture of God not only being a Father, but also him being a Father to us. It reads the story of Scripture through the eyes of the heart. 
God has always been Father (50 mins - 50MB)

God our real Father
God, our Father, knew each one of us before we were even conceived in our mother's womb. He knew the time we would be born and the place where we would live. But he is more than our Creator, he is our Father and has always been our Father. He longs to be a Father to you and it is those two little words 'to you' that can totally change your life.
God our real Father (65 mins - 63MB)

Our need for love
All of us have a capacity to receive and give love. Inside of us there is a hole which can only truly be filled with the Father's love. If we don't receive this at an early age we will seek to fill that hole with other things. 
Our need for love (50 mins - 47MB)

Redeeming the orphan heart
Ever since Adam and his wife were tricked in the garden and choose to live an independent life the whole of humanity has lived in a fallen, orphan state. Thankfully, we are not left like this as Jesus promises not to leave us as orphans, he has come to us and imparts the true spirit of sonship into our hearts. 
Redeeming the orphan heart (62 mins - 60MB)

Forgiveness from heart
True and complete forgiveness is more than a decision; it is a change in our hearts as we count the cost of the things we have lost, have compassion and pity on those who have wronged us and then choose to forgive from the heart. Jesus explains this in the familiar story in Matthew 18:21-35. 
Forgiveness from the heart (69 mins - 66MB)

War against the feminine
This describes Satan's fight against everything that is feminine and how, throughout history, the feminine qualities have been put down and abused. As sons and daughters living in the Father's love we can do something about this. 
War Against the Feminine (65 mins - 30MB)

The Holy Spirit of sonship
God, the Father, has poured his love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which enables us to cry 'Abba, Father' or 'dear Father'. Being filled with the Holy Spirit enables us to discover our true identity as sons and daughters. 
The Holy Spirit of Sonship (61 mins - 59MB)

Carried by our Father
So often we think we have to have everything sorted out in our lives and that it all depends on us. In Matthew 11 Jesus explains that the kingdom of Heaven is revealed to those with a childlike heart and not to the wise and learned. As we discover that weakness really is the power of sonship can we rely and depend on the goodness of our Father?
Carried by our Father, the power of weakness (57 mins - 55MB)

Glorious freedom of the sons of God
A slave or orphan is not free. Only sons and daughters are truly free and this is a glorious freedom that all of creation is longing for. 
Glorious freedom of the sons of God (47 mins - 23MB)

The story of the lost sons
The very familiar story of Luke 15 has much to say to our hearts. In many ways each one of us is lost and needs to experience a homecoming into the Father's embrace.
The story of the lost sons (57 mins - 55MB) 

We are sons and heirs
Keith, who was suffering from the final stages of cancer, joined us on the Fatherheart TV webcast a few weeks before he went home to the Father. In this talk he shares powerfully on our true destiny as children of God. 
We are sons and heirs - Keith Wagener (66 mins - 32MB)


Living in love
It really is possible for us live in love so that love becomes the motivating force in our lives. The more we live in love the more we begin to understand the magnitude of the Father's love for us. It is not a theory but a life-changing reality we can all experience. 
Living in Love (36 mins - 35MB)

Living in Love and my story (37 mins - 28MB)

Dealing with the Older Brother 
We recognise elements of the younger son (Luke 15) so easily but what about the older brother? This takes a fresh look at the older brother's responses and how they often lurk in our hearts.
Dealing with the older brother (56 mins - 40MB) 

Freedom from the Expectations of Other People
One of the things that destroys our peace and wounds our hearts are the expectations other people put on us. We can become free of this pressure when we learn to live like Jesus and only do the things Father expects of us.
Freedom from others expectations (65 mins - 47MB) 

The authority of sons NEW
When the younger son returned home (Luke 15) his father gave him a ring which signifies authority. He was re-instated to his place in the family and could carry out his father's business. We, too, can carry out our Father's business as sons and daughters.
The authority of sons (72 mins - 66MB) 

Walking as Jesus Walked
What does it mean for us to walk as Jesus walked? It is not being a clone and doing what he did but it is us having the same heart as he had. Walking as Jesus walked is us resting and relying on the life of Christ in us.
Walking as Jesus Walked (48 mins - 41MB) 

The beauty of process
Wouldn't it be wonderful if God waved a magic wand and sorted everything out for us in an instant. I think if that happened our relationship with him would become clinical and automated. As we start to see the process as something beautiful our desire and longing for relationship will grow and sustain us through the struggles of life.
Beauty of process (53 mins - 38MB) 

Planted in love
In Ephesians 3:14-19 Paul prays his famous prayer and encourages us to be 'rooted and grounded in love', as we are it changes everything and brings us into a place of greater security as we discover the extent of Father's love for us. 
Planted in love (48 mins - 35MB)