I Will Be A Father To YOU

Generally we are born into a safe environment. Children are carefree, contained in their own world with the pressures of life far removed from them. As we grow we learn that everything is not so perfect and we build walls around us to protect us. We make our own rules about who we can trust. We develop gifts and abilities which can lead us to doing things and living life in our own strength without reference to God. We move from dependence to independence and we learn to rely on our own strength!

Adam was created as an adult in an atmosphere of perfect love, fully dependent on God. The simplicity of that relationship has been lost but the joy is: it is ours to regain.

The Father's cry

Deut 32:5-6
Psalm 68:5
Isaiah 1:2
Isaiah 43:1-7
Jeremiah 3:19

God is by nature a Father and He keeps revealing Himself to us. He wants a family. Our sin makes it impossible for us to be reconciled to Him. He found a way for our sin to be dealt with so we could be united to Him again.

God's heart

2 Cor 6:17-18 Come out from the ways of the world and become the sons and daughters that God intended. We can have the relationship with God that we were made for!

Is 43:6 The sons of God collected from the four corners of the earth.

Fatherhood is personal

God does not want to be distant. He is not afar off and does not wave a big stick of judgment. Our experience of our own fathers can affect how we view God. Even a good father is limited by human weaknesses and inadequacies. God is not just 'Father of creation' or 'Father of all'. He is interested in a personal and intimate relationship with YOU.

Misconceptions about fatherhood:

  • Fathering is a single sexual/physical act.
  • A father is absent either because he is not there or is too busy to be involved.
  • Fathering means domination, control, manipulation or anger.

The Bible talks about something different.

Is 63:16
Jer 3:19
2 Cor 6:18

Two words could change our understanding about the Father heart of God - He wants to be a Father

That is personal!

Fatherhood is active and ongoing

Fathering is not a single act but an ongoing, lifelong process. We walk with our children and teach them about life. We help them when they are stuck, we offer advice and encouragement - we don't leave them to their own devices.

So it is with God! He wants to be a father to us in an active and ongoing way, on a day to day basis. We are not left to muddle on in our own strength. He calls us into the shelter of His wings to protect us, care for us, nuture us and lead us in His ways.

When fatherhood is not there...

Without a father we are orphans. A fatherless child has no name, no identity, no rights and no inheritance. He has to carve out an existence and identity for himself. An orphan has to succeed on his own, make his own way in life, fend for himself and gain approval through his own actions.

In all of us there may be many orphan ways. In the church there are many spiritual orphans; people who strive and who fight to retain what they have built up.

God is a father and He does not want us to be orphans. He wants to father us! An orphan heart is an empty heart and our Father wants to fill that emptiness with His love and bring us back home. Satan was removed from the Father's presence and became the ultimate orphan. Since then he has tried to infect us all with that orphan spirit.

I will not leave you as orphans

John 14:18 We are no longer orphans. Through our reconciliation with the Father, the emptiness of our hearts can be dealt with. We can again enjoy the intimacy and closeness of relationship that Adam and Eve first enjoyed. We can become a son like Jesus and an heir to the promises of scripture. Our lonely walk can be brought to an end and we can enjoy the freedom of being a son or daughter of our Heavenly Father.

This is what John 3:16 is all about.

God wants to reveal Himself to us as 'Father' and He wants to be a Father to us, day by day, in an ongoing, vital, life-giving and life-changing relationship.

A son is not like an orphan: a son has rights, an inheritance and a place in the family. A son knows that he is loved for who he is. This is a free gift, not earned because of what we do but given to us because of who we are.

Rooted and established in love

Eph 3:14-19

  • We have a name that comes from the Father.
  • God has unlimited riches and resources. We can therefore afford to be generous.
  • We are strengthened in our inner being by the Spirit living in us - opposite of despair.
  • We have power from the Holy Spirit.
  • Rooted and established in love - a strong connection to the magnitude of God's love.
  • Understand the width, length, height and depth of God's love:
    • Width - the complete breadth of our experience, reaches the whole world.
    • Length - our lives and into eternity.
    • Heights - the heights of celebration and elation.
    • Depth - the depths of discouragement, despair - we are never lost to God's love.

We can be so filled with this love that Jesus and the Father are seen in us. This is what it means for God to be a Father TO US.