Going Deeper

Our lives are constantly bombarded with facts and information. We have mobile phones, 24 hour News channels, the internet, numerous radio stations, not to mention books, magazines or newspapers! Information is thrust upon us whether we like it or not!

We inevitably have to process some of this information. We have to deal with the facts that are put before us. Some of them may change or influence the way we think or feel. Our opinions may be formed, our attitudes challenged or shaped, but with all this information, with all these facts - is our heart changed?

Finding the Father and experiencing His love is not about acquiring more knowledge or being given more information. It is all about coming into a relationship with God and allowing our hearts to be changed by His love.

This section of the website has some more detailed notes which may help you with your own journey or could be used to assist a group study. I hope the notes are inspirational rather than theoretical and that they help you discover the heart of a loving Father who wants to reveal Himself to you!

The notes deliberately exclude a lot of detail - that is for you to discover as you journey towards the heart of God. I have included a number of Scripture references so you can trace the chorus of the Father's love through the Bible. As you seek, I ask you to open your heart to receive what the Father wants to do in you. The gaining of knowledge and the understanding of the concepts will not change your heart; as the revelation of Father's love soaks into you, then you will be changed!

My suggestion would be to work through this section in the order in which the topics are listed. Some of the notes have accompanying talks which can be found on the audio recording page page, these can be downloaded or listened to online.

To download these notes as a pdf file please click here.

If you need to refer to a Bible click for an online Bible.

God has always been Father
Redeeming the Orphan Heart
Hindrances to knowing God as Father
Our journey to love
I will be a Father to you 
Story of the lost sons
Becoming a son
Weakness - the power of sonship
Like a child

May the Spirit of revelation open the eyes of your heart and may your life be touched with the Father's love.