Conference Recordings

Belfast - 17th September 2017
The Authority of Sons 

Fatherheart Connect - Tadley, 5th November 2016
1. Jesus reveals his Father
2. A deeper homecoming

Going Deeper - Cloverley Hall, 27th - 30th October 2016
Session 1: Father's Original Plan (Mark Gyde)
Session 2: The Two Trees (Mark Gyde)
Session 3: Comfort (Linda Galpin)
Session 4: Comfort (Winette Hubregtse)
Session 5: The Early Church (Trevor Galpin)
Session 6: The Three Laws (Trevor Galpin)
Session 7: The Spirit of Sonship (Trevor Galpin)
Session 8: "We Get to Live This Life" (Mark Gyde)
Session 9: Planted in Love (Mark Gyde)

Fatherheart Central (Shropshire)
Jesus reveals the Father - Mark Gyde (July 2016)
Regaining an open heart - Mark Gyde (July 2016)
The substance of love - Mark Gyde (July 2016)
Planted in love - Mark Gyde (July 2016)

Fatherheart London Connect
Finding Contentment - Mark Gyde (April 2016)
The real reality - Mark Gyde (April 2016)
Centred prayer - Ruth Quinney (April 2016) 

Fatherheart Connect
Living in Love - Mark Gyde (Feb 2014)
The Authority of Sons - Mark Gyde (Feb 2014)
Free from the expectations of others - Mark Gyde (Nov 2014)
The Father's Comfort - Mark Gyde (Nov 2014)

York - May/June 2013
I thought you would call me 'Father' - Mark Gyde
Motherheart of Father God - Mark Gyde
The Father's comfort - Mark Gyde
Father's love poured into our hearts - John Nuttall
You can live in love! - Mark Gyde

Holywood, Northern Ireland - November 2012
Living in Love (49 mins, 47MB)
Motherheart of God (46 mins, 44MB)
Comfort (50 mins, 48MB)
Carried by our Father (52 mins, 50MB)
Walking as Jesus Walked (58 mins, 56MB)

Chelmsford, with Trevor Galpin - October 2012
Open the eyes of our heart - Trevor (55 mins, 20MB)
Biblical revelation of Father - Mark (49 mins, 17MB)
The lost sons - Trevor (70 mins, 17MB)
The heart of sonship - Trevor (42 mins, 15MB)
Redeeming the orphan heart - Mark (70 mins, 16MB)
Living in love - Mark (68 mins, 16MB)