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How To Access The Webcast:

CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE WEBCAST just before the scheduled start time to access a live video stream. Please join us for these events and tell your friends about them too! 

Mark Gyde, Barry Adams and John MacDonald are the hosts for these live webcasts which will seek to cover a variety of topics. From time to time, invited guests from around the world will join us in these broadcasts to share and pray for participants. You can subscribe to the podcast in various ways.

Video recordings are also available - click here

Live webcast recordings and related notes: 
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Belonging - Jane Trentham (22nd November 2017)
Back to basics - Mark Gyde and Barry Adams
(15th November 2017)
The fruit of the Spirit - Mark Gyde and Barry Adams
(8th November 2017)
A new reformation - Mark Gyde and Barry Adams
(1st November 2017)
This treasure in earthen vessels - Barry Adams
(25th October 2017)
Living with a free heart - Mark Gyde and Barry Adams
(18th October 2017)
Humble love
 - Mark Gyde and Barry Adams (11th October 2017)
We are all sons and heirs - Part 2, Mark Gyde
(27th September 2017)
We are all sons and heirs - Part 1, Mark Gyde
(20th September 2017)
Another Gospel
(Mark, Barry and John - 6th September 2017)
David's heart of sonship - John MacDonald
(28th June 2017)
Becoming like little children
(21st June 2017)
Orphan hearted living
(14th June 2017)
He's a good Father - Barry Adams
(7th June 2017)
Group discussion - Fathered by God
(31st May 2017)
Group discussion - Our personal access to Father
(24th May 2017)
Group discussion - The anointing of Father's Love
(17th May 2017)
Group discussion - Restoring the true feminine and masculine
(10th May 2017)
Group discussion - Worry (Barry and John - 3rd May 2017)
Group discussion - Weakness
(Mark, Barry and John - 26th April 2017)
Group discussion - God's eternal purpose (Barry and John - 19th April 2017)
Group discussion - The substance of love
(Mark and Barry - 12th April 2017)
Group discussion - Receiving the Kingdom
(Mark and Barry - 5th April 2017)
Group discussion - Living as children in the Kingdom
(Mark and Barry - 29th March 2017)
Group discussion - Living an abundant life (Mark and Barry - 22nd March 2017)
Overcoming hindrances II
(Barry Adams - 15th March 2017) Notes 
Group discussion - His favourite name
(Barry, Mark and John - 8th March 2017)
Overcoming hindrances
(Barry Adams - 22nd February 2017) Notes
Group discussion - Peace that passes understanding
(Barry and Mark - 15th Feb 2017)
Group discussion - Forgiveness
(Barry, Mark and John - 8th February 2017)
Group discussion - Weakness
(Barry and Mark - 1st February 2017)
Weakness is your greatest strength (Barry Adams - 25th January 2017) Notes
Group discussion - The earth shaking ramifications of sonship (Barry with Larry Pearson - 18th Jan 2017)
Group discussion - "The spirit of wisdom and revelation"
(Barry, Mark and John - 11th January 2017)
Group discussion - "Remain in my love"
 (Barry, Mark and John - 4th January 2017)

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