One of the most important things you can discover is that there is more to God than just knowing about Him. You can actually know Him.

He is the Father you may have been looking for all your life.

He is the perfect Father and He wants to be a Father to YOU!



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Here is Mark's latest video recording - "Walking as Jesus Walked" 

Fatherheart Ministries 'B' School
24th - 30th September 2016 at Brunel Manor, Torquay, Devon
Led by Trevor & Linda Galpin and Mark Gyde
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What is our life like when we live as a son or daughter?

What will change as we grow in relationship with our Heavenly Father? 

When we encounter the love of God, as Father, it is a life changing experience that will not, nor should not, leave us the same. 
If we want it, walking as Jesus walked will change every area of our lives. 

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Welcome Home - a series of short teaching videos which reveal the Father's heart for us

Music videos - some songs and other inspirational videos

Audio recordings - a more detailed teaching series on Father's love (freely available for you to download)

Conference recordings - some conferences where I and others have been involved

Planted in Love

Many of us may have had some experience of God as Father, but what happens next? What will change as we grow in relationship with our Heavenly Father? How do we grow as a son or daughter to our Heavenly Father? How do we walk as Jesus walked? 

Throughout this book I hope to answer these and other questions. I trust as you read, you will be drawn closer to your Heavenly Father and will discover that you really are planted in his love.  


A Father to YOU

This book is a journey of discovery. Its intention is not only to give a biblical perspective of the nature and heart of the Father but also to help you experience his perfect love and find the Father you may have been looking for all your life.

As you read this book you will see how God's original intention was for a family where sons and daughters would learn to live loved. In order to be free we need to address some blockages in our lives and these are dealt with sensitively as we pursue the Father's love for us. 

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